Rust-belt dot-com bust

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Only one week ago and were active in organizing bloggers and their efforts to promote and control their intellectual property.  But in an e-mail sent out last evening, it turns out their own organization is about to become a relic of Saint Louis’ social blogging network and lose their own intellectual property.  According to Liz

Goodbye so soon? Yep. Unfortunately Midwest Blogs and
will be going dark within 24 hours of this email. The personal commitment
required to maintain and further the goal of the site proved to be just
too much for us to really do it justice at this time. So we have decided
to end this venture and thank you for all of your support in this
short-lived project. Your membership and contributions were greatly

A blogger meetup is still scheduled for Sat., April 19 at Atomic Cowboy.

Farewell old/new friends. We hardly knew ye…


One last look…

March 12, 2008 at 1:26 pm | Posted in Matthew Hurst | 2 Comments
Tags: , , , is undergoing the downtime we were promised will take place before the site re-launch begining around 7:00pm this Wednesday March 12th.  For  of you who like to keep tabs on these things, this update is for you.  And if we are to believe the comments we’ve recieved so far, this may be to no avail; please go on with your regularly scheduled Wednesday.  Hopefully we’ll have a review of the new website sometime soon. is back?

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stlpunk.jpgIt was the Myspace of it’s day, and every band in town used to post their show dates on it. At one point, it seemed every teenager in town had an account there; today we had trouble finding anyone who had visited the site in the last five years. is still up and running we assure you.

Upon a recent inspection of this online hangout, we were surpised to hear that although the website is down, it’s not out.  In a recent update site owner John Mancuso wrote, “The new site is coming along very well and I am really excited about it.”  More recently the site announced an official re-release date of this coming Wednesday, March 12th 2008.

Don’t call it a comeback, it’s been here the whole time.  We tried contacting Mr. Mancuso for further details, but he could only reveal:

“I am unable to answer any questions at this time. I have a meeting on March 31st.  That will determine the level of the sites comes back. I will say that the site is coming back with some big changes (for the better) but that’s all I can say for now.” – John

It would appear that he would rather let this forthcoming revival speak for itself, and we have to admit we’re a little excited. Last we had heard, some entrepreneuring young punkster had bought a competing URL,, and redirected it to their group on The Circuit.  But in our collective memory, local social networking still has one name.  The bands and usernames may have changed, but the game remains the same; the St. Louis Rock’N’Roll scene might be online again in the weeks to come.

Links with Your Coffee

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Every week we read over 100 local bloggers and check up on local sites so we can keep up on the down low, and then we share the best posts with a recurring feature we can Links with Your Coffee.  From the very start these coffee links have been part of our civic duty; We consider this an important part of building our community online, and it also helps us cover stories for our audience that is outside the niche of what we like to write about.

But this week we’d like to invite our readers to participate in an experiment, a sort of public beta testing of a feature we’re hoping to add as it’s own page on the new site.  This feature takes some time to put together, so we’ve experimented with auto-blog posting which turned out to be a little robotic of a read.  We also have trouble adding friends of ours to the blogroll, since every time we add another blog it detracts from the attention we think every member of our blogroll deserves; so when Jeff Kopp asked us to add TiRC to the roll, even we thought it was already in the mix. 

We think this might be a good compromise, in which we can use Google Reader to share some of the stories and news we think our readers would want to know about as we read them everyday.  And we can use this as a sort of social bookmarking if anyone wants to suggest a story to share with other readers (if you’re using google reader yourself that is).  With the stories in one frame of the page, we can use the other gutter to display an updated blogroll divided into relevant categories. 

You can think of it sort of as Social Blogrolling, and we’d love to hear your thoughts about using this feature.  We asked Archy about adding this to the new site, and they said it was alright.

Pyramid Schemes of the Future

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Pyramid SchemeI’ve been on Facebook for a few years now, but I just recently realized that all this time, I wasn’t part of the St. Louis, MO network – only the Webster University one.  I figured that since I’m about to graduate in May, I should probably join the St. Louis group – although perhaps in spirit, I will not be staying at Webster University come this May.

In any case, after browsing the main page for St. Louis, I came across something odd.“Yuwie – ‘Social Networking with a Twist” was posted by someone on the city’s wall. And after a terribly made, low quality video explaining how you might in some unlikely case make 50 cents a month by signing up everyone you’ve ever met (and anyone within your range online), I was LMAO.   If the url  doesn’t seem sketchy enough, the terrible video of a guy explaining how to get 50 cents for every 1,000 page views (with income like that, Highway 61 couldn’t afford to park downtown for more than an hour) was too much. 

Sort of like running headlong into a brick wall, with a sign hung on it that says ‘break this for a penny!’  In any case, it’s sort of reassuring to know that even in this day and age, some of the people out to steal your time and money (or in this case, probably just sell your information to advertisers)  are willing to be so obvious about it, that you’re basically asking for it if you fall for the pitch.

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