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As part of our New Year’s Resolution, Highway 61 (revised) will try to be clever again.  Until then please enjoy the next best thing: borrowed wit.  Here’s some links to enjoy over a cup of coffee.

  • Please welcome Highway 61’s newest contributor: Chris Maue.  Of course I’ll let him introduce himself, but even before we hear from him, perhaps you’d be interested in joining our blog as well.  According to this job listing I wrote on The Circuit, free beer is involved for frequent contributors.  That must have been an editorial oversight.
  • Although another closure has been and will be on everyone else’s mind, Thomas Crone hasn’t taken his eye off the ball since Tucker was closed downtown.  Further yet, he decision to photo document this unique subterranean Hooverville is available for public consumption.  It may break your heart, which you can eat out online, but unless you’re planning a trip yourself, it’s probably as close as you’re going to get.
  • It’s only been four years since the entire area anticipated some sort of tourism deluge from the bi-centennial of those two illustrious explorers of the Louisiana Territory that every student in the state of Missouri is required to learn about.  That being said, who knew Illinois shared a similar enthusiasm, or at least monumental rivalry (pun intended).  B.E.L.T has the details on a modernist landmark called the Lewis and Clark Memorial Tower somewhere on the east side.
  • Steve Patterson must have read our minds about the iconography of the Mall Santa this past week, as he found a unique holiday post.  For some reason I’m pretty sure this television series was better based in Saint Louis than Chicago.  See for yourself.
  • The trouble with making new year’s predictions is well documented.  That being said let’s give this week a little perspective with St. Louis’ soon to be most popular blog over the next few weeks, Highway 40 insight, who are predicting it’s going to be alright.  In the meantime have a laugh at your own expense as our friends with that blog flex their geek cred this year.

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