Calendar Girl

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365 Reasons (you are loved) is a personal christmas gift I made last year for a certain someone.  It is a daily reminder of why they are wonderful.It is often said that love is best taken one day at a time, especially with days in the calendar like Valentine’s coming up.  So with all the added pressure to make one day all the more worthwhile, it can sometimes be easy to forget how important every day can be; each itself another opportunity to discover yourself or another.  It’s a great big world full of other people doing other things, and sometimes the things you’d really want to do can slip past.  (That’s at least one of the reasons I started writing for a blog to explore a community I knew very little about in actuality).

The problem of missing your favorite band or some art show you would have attended if only you (or someone else you know) had heard about it is very real, even in this media saturated environment.  There isn’t usually enough time to write about every event that bears notice in this blog.  Fortunately there is Google Calendar.

I’ve been toying around with combining our fantastic events list on Upcoming, the events posted on Facebook we find, and some of those little known happenings that only get printed on flyers in the right part of town.  I’ve found the features of Google Calendar to be indispensable in the process, since it even allows these events to be displayed publicly.    Google e-mails the daily agenda via e-mail, giving our readers a good subscribe option, along with the RSS feeds and iCal integration.  Better yet, our readers can even submit events to the calendar that we couldn’t find, making for a true community based organization.

If that all sounds like newspeak to you: I’d like to invite our readers to try out this experiment for themselves.  I’d have already added the calendar publicly on this website if our host would let it (and we will almost as soon as we transfer the site), if only because this calendar feature is a potential killer app.  After all, it’s rather easy to find something to do, but much harder to set time aside for the unknown.  Will you join us?  Maybe this calendar will help us figure out that daily query.


Links with Your Coffee Sunday

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Sunday remains a day of the week that peple take to civic matters, and civic content becomes prevelant of Sunday morning talk shows, expanded commentary and analysis in our newspapers, and for some in their places of worship.  No matter how use your civicly minded time, we thought we’d pass along this useful map our friends at the Wash U Peace Coalition (who you might remember from a student protest demonstration we mentioned previously). 

It might be of limited use based on your political affiliation, but whether you support the organizations visually organized here at least you’ll know where they are.   This easily bookmarkable collection of varied activism organziations and elected representative’s offices is an impressive use of Google maps for all your Sunday morning civics over a cup of coffee.

Highway 61 Re:SS

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STL RSSSTL RSSSTL RSSJust a friendly reminder to those who do RSS that we’ve switched our feed .  We suggest you make the switch as well, since this feed is designed to fit your reader.

For those of you who don’t, RSS is a great way to keep up with Highway 61;  it’s Saint Louis on your schedule.  Just turn it on, and it’ll let you know when we update, whenver you want to know.  Your needn’t even view this site anymore (or course we like it when you do).  It’s just that simple, real sydication that is.


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For those of you who do the RSS thing, might we suggest using our new, improved feed.  Better yet, add Highway 61 to your RSS reader of choice with a single click.  This new feed will look more like our site and will let you pass along good stories to your friends on Facebook, via e-mail, or with your social bookmarking tool of choice.  Of course you’ll still be able to use your existing feed from the site, but this feed will work with more RSS readers.  It’ll give you the update and we’ll keep you up to date.

If you don’t use RSS, or don’t know what it is, here are a few reasons why you might be interested.  And what better way to start off then with this blog?  It’s just real simple (syndication).

Links with Your Martini Monday – 8/20

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Yes, we know it’s back to school season (*cough*mixtape*cough*) because some of our contributors went to class and some moved in this weekend.  Others of us are looking for jobs, while some of us made student films.  But just because summer is drawing to a close doesn’t mean we won’t be your loyal bloggers, since this started with a classLinks with your Coffee Sunday will resume, sometime shortly after we help film The Lot this Saturday (see you there).

Links with Your Coffee – 8/12

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a sewer cap from st louis, moAlthough I wouldn’t want to detract from the groundbreaking work of Highway 61 contributor/resident frozen desert theoretician Gabe Bullard, I must ask: “Does anyone want coffee with their dessert?”  While we have you over for Sunday dinner tonight, we thought we share some more appetizers and pass some links your way.  In other words, here’s some more links with your coffee.

Links with Your Martini Monday – 8/6

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Better late than never, althoguh a little shorter, here’s our weekly short digest of the local interwebnet shakedown in convenient hyperlinked format.

  • We were shocked when our friend joined, but more so that it still existed.  Not to be out-posted, these genre based sites might also peek your keen curiosity: and  We’re pretty sure there ought to be a Ska site as well, at least in preparation for the Reel Big Fish/Less Than Jake show coming up.
  • Speaking of social music and upcoming events, there is a little meetup planned this Friday for members of the Circuit/friends of the newly redesigned, and suspiciously similar :P  We mention this because we’re still disappointed we couldn’t make the Pandora meetup.
  • Although we heard about this audition in person, seems to have the lowdown on theater and film work.  And despite it’s bad rep for bulk updates (see also: this site), it’s probably the best resource in town short of a positive Dennis Brown review…
  • I missed my update because I was out of town, but I also missed Lollapalooza while I was in the same town.  Fortunately, wants to redeem itself with Play:stl , a music festival of its own.  And if they can pull off three days, they might actually gain their credibility back :P .

Chances are we read your article last week, but if it didn’t get mentioned here why not leave a comment?  That should help us save a seat for you at the table next Sunday – btw do you take your coffee with links?

Links with Your Coffee – 7/29

July 29, 2007 at 4:25 pm | Posted in blogs, Coffee links, contest, Etcetra, Matthew Hurst, stl | 1 Comment

We love sharing some of our favorite links with you so much we couldn’t wait for it earlier this week.  But while these links would have to wait, let that not detract from great work from some of our favorite local blogs.  For those of you taking a lazy sunday, here’s some links with your coffee when you wake up in the late afternoon.

Spliced with Circuitry

July 24, 2007 at 12:54 am | Posted in blogs, Matthew Hurst, meta | 1 Comment

Sure, we’ve already talked a little about “The Circuit” (aka’s socnet); everyone is talking about The Circuit.  What you might not know is that we’re really excited about some of the periphery features of The Circuit.  Although it is really exciting to have a bunch of familiar faces on a local social network that isn’t the usually socnet hiding spots, what most interests me are the ways it can tie together the next generation local interwebnet (which, i’ll assume interests you, if only because you are here).

You’ve probably already noticed the standard faire of web integration Highway61 uses, but that list is expanding.  For instance, you can follow our continually expanding list of coffee links on between breaks.  To say nothing of blog logs, we’ll do our best to give you the heads up on what’s Upcoming.  Usually we just keep these things on our sidebar (look now, we’ll wait), but we’ll do our best to to keep you posted (heh).

Saturday Cartoon

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Resume adult swim!  Although I don’t really keep a Saturday morning ritual like I did when I was just a youngin’, I found myself watching cartoons this morning.  Star Clipper’s blog got me started, with a post about The Simpsons movie site.  And while I won’t join the arguement over which season was the last good one, I will thank them for for tipping me off to the Simpsons avatar generator.  I’ve been parading my Simpson’s charecter around Moe’s tavern, as if  it wasn’t so much watching a cartoon as making a cartoon.

As for the clip above, I couldn’t help but think “Have the blues ‘done left this town?” until I saw Bender dancing to Louie Armstrong’s cover of “St. Louis Blues”.  If you don’t like it, you can bite my shiny metal ass!

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